I had an extremely difficult time putting this website together and spent countless hours researching and scouring the internet for how to best showcase my work.  I watched videos and read articles detailing the most practical ways to garner interest from potential clients for my business.  There were step-by-step guides on how to be successful and proven methods that would work for EVERYONE.   

Well, I am not like everyone else.

While I see the merits in following these “experts,” I have never ascribed to the standard in anything that I have pursued, so why start now?

With that being said, let me welcome you to Grant Henry Media.  I know, I should have thought of something catchier, but at least you will never forget my name now!  I consider myself a jack of all trades who doesn’t adhere to one category of media and design.

I spent my high school years skipping almost every lunch to sit in the computer lab and play around with Adobe Photoshop.  I think that it is where the artist in me was born.  I furthered my design skills through my undergraduate studies and then fell in love with film.  I enrolled in a graduate film program and developed skills that cross over to many other mediums. Specifically, photography where I have taught myself how to effectively capture amazing moments with the click of a button.

So, for lack of a better word - I am an artist. 

I am a photographer.

I am a videographer.

I am a designer.

And I hope to help bring your ideas to life.